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Friday, 24 June 2011

Welcome to Procrastination Free Living

Do you need to stop procrastinating on homework, housework, work assignments, diet or exercise tasks? Do you need a simple strategy that's also free? You need to check out the Procrastination Free Living Strategy.

What will the Procrastination Free Living Strategy do for me?

The Procrastination Free Living Strategy will:

1) Help you stop procrastinating very quickly

2) Get faster and easier each time you apply it

3) Help you to start and finish work assignments, homework or house work without any delay

4) Help you to stick to diet and exercise programs effortlessly

5) Help you to do the things you absolutely need to do but currently avoid

6) Provide you with a fast and simple strategy you can teach your kids, to help them to rapidly stop procrastinating on their homework and chores. You will see an almost immediate increase in their academic performance levels and grades.

7) The Procrastination Free Living approach will help you to live a longer more healthy life!

Why is it so important for people to learn how to stop procrastinating?

Are you aware that procrastination costs most people thousands of dollars per year and is a leading but hidden destroyer of our social, emotional and physical health?
If you know how harmful procrastination is and you need to stop it quickly and efficiently, you’ve come to the right blog!

What makes you such an expert to help people to stop procrastinating so effectively?

I’m a Master’s level professional counselor a behavior change consultant and an expert relationship builder.

I’ve studied procrastination for about 20 years. This is because it’s played such a major negative role in the lives of the majority of clients I’ve worked with in my private practice. I've seen the habit of procrastination seriously harm the lives of individuals, couples, families and large formal organizations.

I’ve developed a simple behavioral-science strategy for ending procrastination based on years of research and work as a behaviorally oriented counselor, treatment program developer, behavior change consultant and program psychotherapist. I've developed and applied this simple strategy in every imaginable clinical context and setting.

The Procrastination Free Living program, literally gets faster and easier each time you apply its easy to learn principals.

How long will it take me to learn and apply this strategy?

The Procrastination Free Living approach takes about 20 minutes to learn and about 10 minutes to start applying. It’s as powerful as it is simple.
The strategy is based on a 2 step, evidence-based motivation harnessing and transfer process.

You basically learn to borrow motivation from the things you love to do and do every day and plug it in to those important tasks that you don't like doing and avoid.

Where did this procrastination-busting strategy come from and why does it work so well?

The approach was developed from best practices in areas as diverse as the precise treatment of clinical depression to the most effective organizational performance management strategies from the top performing business organizations.

It's also applied to "normalize" many kids with autism both socially and academically. If the foundation of the Procrastination Free Living program can cure clinical depression and even autism, it can quickly cure your procrastination.

Are the treatment principals you use hard to understand?

Although this highly effective strategy for stopping procrastination is easy to understand in theory, you can’t really “grasp” it until you apply it and see it start working for you.

It’s as simple as it is counter-intuitive. In fact, 99% of what’s written and the advice commonly provided by professionals to stop procrastination simply miss the critical role of motivation-building and how it actually works. That’s why so many people still have their lives and relationships devastated by procrastination.

How much does it cost to learn about and use this approach to stop procrastinating?

It doesn't cost anything, all of the Procrastination Free Living strategies and learning resources are absolutely free.

You’ve been to many spam pages that direct you to another website, but spam is not life transforming! Nor does spam provide you with free strategies and tools to end procrastination almost immediately. Here’s how to stop procrastinating right now: Welcome to Procrastination Free Living!

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